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A Family Tradition

Once Mike Justus became the official man in charge there were obvious signs of growth as the industry began to change.  As the old methods of using film to create images and press plates in a dark room became a thing of the past, Just-Us Printers, Inc. began their journey into the digital age. Mike knew to stay competitive and relevant in the industry they would need to make some modifications. Computer to plate technology made processing time decrease and helped move jobs through the shop more quickly.  However, in the last few years things have really gotten big.


Brett Justus, grandson of founder Tom Justus, and current president of the company has added several highly beneficial departments that have aided in the continued growth of the company. Three digital printing presses help keep short run jobs from becoming obsolete at the shop and allow the company to offer competitive pricing for those small businesses in the area. He also, had the idea to add two wide format presses that have really taken the business to a new level.


With recently added equipment Just-Us Printers, Inc. can now print on material up to 8 foot wide and 140 foot in length! Just when other printing companies are loosing their momentum Just-Us Printers, Inc. is making their mark on the industry with their willingness to grow. Beyond this, located in the back of shop there are also two 40 inch offset presses that are used for our large quantity jobs.

With this in mind Just-Us Printers is and always has been a family owned and operated business. Taking pride in our work and our community is what has allowed us to continue in this industry that we are so passionate about.

Founder Tom Justus once said, " Happiness is a state of mind. There is no happiness without giving back what you have received."


Pictured above starting from the left:

Brett Justus, Mike Justus and Justin Phillips

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